Add-Ons to Control Your Privacy in Mozilla and Google Chrome

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Those people who have concern about their privacy, they can now control their privacy in Mozilla and Google Chrome web browsers. Here are detail.

Add-on is the term of Mozilla for applications that can be added to the Firefox Web Browser and Google chrome. Mozilla is the host of add-on website. These applications have consisted of three types such as extension that you can use for Google Chrome, plug-in and themes. First of all, Mozilla has introduced applications just for Firefox, later it has enacted some changed in Application Programming Interface. After some essential changes in the API modules, these applications can be used in Google Chrome. Basically, the add-on is really compatible and useful for Google chrome as well as Mozilla.


Privacy and security is a most concerned part, therefore, every person wants to secure his website. There are different excellent add-ons to make secure to your chrome. Keeping updated to the add-ons keeps measure the privacy at high scale. In this article, we are discussing add-ons to control your privacy in Mozilla and Google chrome.



Most private windows have not a user-friendly option; therefore, your browsing history is not secure here. Due to a lot of reasons, users prefer private windows. It means that you are using an open window in your PC and you have no surety about your privacy. For example, an SEO expert never gives preference to the private windows for bookmarking or marketing.

So, Hush is the most constructive, reliable and protected add-on that you can use in Mozilla as well as Google chrome. Having this application in your Pc will keep saving your privacy in the case if you are using a private window. It gives the guarantee that your data will not be hacked and you can enjoy all the internet experience at a secure level. Hush comes from a reliable and trustworthy developer and offers you new updates. So, don’t worry about your privacy setting, just install Hush and contemplate on your work.



Recommended by a dissertation writing service, NordVPN extension is the latest and advanced add-on that keeps secure to your browsing. You can use it for Firefox as well as Google Chrome. It is functional and excellent, because, it can enhance your browser’ privacy. Instead of that, Firefox and Google Chrome have already high privacy policies; yet, NordVPN works like an extra layer of protection. So, enjoy this extra layer of protection and don’t be feared about your browsing activities.


VPNs are able to encrypt your data and keep it saves. If you are browsing then the third party will not get access to your data. Another additional feature of the NordVPN ads-on is that it can hide to your IP address from your ISP. It blocks ads, security threats and malware to reach out to your device. Although, NordVPN is not available to free, yet it offers you a money-back guarantee. You can try it for three days, if you don’t like its feature then you can select the option of money-back-guarantee. But we are sure that you will like it a lot due to its amazing features and quality of work.



Lastpass add-on is most famous due to its excellent quality and intuitive interface.  After installing it in your Pc, you need to set a password. This password will not be saved in the Lastpass application; indeed, it will be used for our backup and security.  Having a strong password on the LastPass, will keep saving to your device as well as data? It is also valuable for Mozilla and Google chrome. However, you should select a strong and authentic password.



Ghostery is the most famous privacy-focused extension for the initial users. It has an amazing feature “smartly blocking” that keeps trackers all the problems and makes sure that your websites are secure. Its artificial intelligence engine works like a ghost and keeps your protect for malware and hackers. Through the optimizing the performance of all your WebPages, it maintains your page quality and your web history. Ghostery can hide your location and computer type as well as windows type.


Multi-Account Containers

If you want to secure and organize your internet life, you should install Multi-Account containers. Multi-Accounts Container add-on is creative and works like a giant. It keeps save all online activities and does not show off your identity. You can use it for your personal accounts as well as official accounts. Staying log in into multi-accounts was not secure, but it is possible with the use of multi-account containers. It helps to isolate your accounts. So, if you want to keep save your browsing history, you should install it. It is available for Mozilla as well as Google chrome.